Wood Floor Paint

  • Ονομασίες :
  • Full covering
  • VOC-approved
  • 2 coats only
  • Hardwearing
  • Easy aftercare

Colors: White
Sizes: 2.5L

Wood Floor Paint is a unique product providing a rich built-up surface. The product is suitable for all types of woodwork, such as floors and staircases. The unique water-based polyurethane modified acrylic paint system provides a fast-drying and hardwearing surface which is easy to clean and maintain. Wood Floor Paint is an environmentally friendly product to work with. It is NMP-free and has low VOC content.

  1. The surface must be completely clean, dry, and free from resin, grease, oil, wax, lime, as well as cleaning residues. Use WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner for thorough cleaning.
  2. Sanding: – Of new surfaces: Sand with sanding paper grit 100-120. Remove sanding dust from surface with vacuum cleaner before applying the Wood Floor Paint. – Of old surfaces: Old surfaces with old lacquers severely damaged etc. must be leveled and sanded to bare wood. Final sanding with grit 100-120. Remove sanding dust from surface with vacuum cleaner before applying the Wood Floor Paint.
  3. Stir the paint carefully before and during use. Container with different batch numbers should be mixed before use to avoid differences in shade and gloss.
  4. Apply a uniform coat of Wood Floor Paint using a brush or a short haired paint roller (hair length 3mm). Work lengthwise of the boards. (It is recommended to dilute the first coat with water up to 20% as a primer).
  5. Leave to dry for approx. 4-6 hours at 20°C.
  6. After drying, the surface is de-nipped with a Bordeaux coloured lacquer sanding pad or fine sanding paper grit 220/240 – vacuum clean floor for dust before next step.
  7. Apply the second layer of Wood Floor Paint like the first coat and leave to dry again.
  8. For commercial and heavy duty areas, it is recommended to de-nip surface again and apply a 3rd coat.
  9. The surface is pre-hardened within 24 hours and fully hardened after 5-7 days at 20°C.

Regular cleaning is done with WOCA Master Cleaner. To refresh the lustre of the finish, WOCA Master Care may be used. To remove difficult spots like black heal marks, use WOCA Wood Stain Remover.

Product properties
Form Liquid
Density 1.2-1.25
Fully hard 5-7 days at 20°C.
Colours White
Odour Faint
Air humidity Max. 65%.
Dilution Ready mixed – if necessary, it is possible to dilute with water max. 20%.
Application tools Brush, plastic bucket and stick for stirring.
Disposal Empty containers and residues to be disposed of according to local regulations.
Storage Store safely, out of reach of children Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free.