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Its not easy to make a decision for the right floor or in the business world for the right partner. Its not only about the reasons for a particular product or company, but rather a mix of different factors, including yourself and your own values.We, in Serenzo will take you a tour in a world of wooden made natural beauty and make it easier for you and your decision .

We use high end technology and bondings, finishing materials, while we sure make fun of making handcrafted boards .
We strive for perfection in everything we do working with and for the people ,creating exceptional products and ideas and delivering outstanding service.

Floor Collections

Durable und stylish – Serenzo® floors are solid, the way floors have been made for centuries.


Deck Collections

From the depths of the Amazon and Asia, we introduce decking of tropical wood tested in our special climatic conditions.

Panelling and Specialties

Our claddings are made out of solid oak wood, the surface is aged through a special process.