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• From over 50 wood species starting from most popular oak and ash to exotic species as iroko, jarrah, merbau, jatoba, teak, pecan and wedge;
This range is produced in Asia factories with the highest responsibility to the environment and top quality which ensure to give up to 25 years of residential warranty. It is recommended as “value for Money” for big residential , commercial or hotel projects.
• Flooring types from solids or 3ply wideplanks up to 400mm width and 22mm thickness with top layer up to 6 mm;
• Flooring coatings regular lacquer, aluminium oxide lacquer, clear oil, white or other color oil;
• Locking licensed 5G, 2G Valinge click or old fashion profile

Green Planet Collection

Rustic clear oil / lacquer

Accent / select clear oil / lacquer

White oil / lacquer

Antique natural / white color

Antique smoked color

Other wood species

We recommend glue-down installation to be done by professional fitters.