• Ονομασίες :
  • Emphasizes the natural grain for a more attractive look
  • Gives the wood a beautiful, coloured surface
  • Can be used with all WOCA oils

Colours: Brown, Grey, White, Black

Sizes: 2,5L

Pre-Colour is a water-based stain for unfinished and sanded interior wood surfaces, such as floors, stairs, furniture and panels. The stain colours the wood and enhances the natural wood grain.

Product, room and floor temperature must be between 15-25°C. Wood humidity must not exceed 12%. Ensure good ventilation during application and when drying. The wood must be newly sanded, use grit 100-120 for the final sanding. Vacuum thoroughly. Clean the wood with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner and leave it to dry for at least 8 hours before applying the stain.

  1. Thoroughly shake the container of Pre-Colour, both before and during use. Containers with different batch numbers should be mixed to avoid colour mismatch.
  2. Apply an even coat of undiluted stain along the wood grain with WOCA Applicator. A more uniform colour is obtained if the wet stain is polished into the wood using a polishing machine and a beige pad. Use at least 1 L of Pre-Colour per 10 m2. On vertically mounted wood, apply from top to bottom. Leave the surface to dry for 8-12 hours.
  3. Sand with a green pad to obtain a smooth surface and vacuum thoroughly.
  4. The surface must be finished using one of WOCA’s oils, following the product instructions.
Product properties
Solid content
pH-value 10.5
Flash point
Density 1.04 g/ml
Fully hard
Mixing ratio Ready for use
Colours Colourless
Odour Weak
Binder Water, tensides, complex binder, carbamide
Air humidity
Sandable after
Re-treatment dry
Drying time 2-8 hours at +20° C, depending on surface
Application tools Mop, #599805
Applicator, #880157
Telescopic rod, #599651
Pot life
Disposal Empty containers and residues to be disposed of according to local regulations.
Shelf life 3 years
Packaging 750 ml.
Pack size:
Pr. No.:
Storage Store safely, out of the reach of children. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free.