How to oil a wooden worktop

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Learn how to sand and oil wooden surfaces with WOCA Worktop Oil

Wooden worktops are very popular – and with good reason. They are incredibly durable and help adding a natural feel and warmth to any kitchen. Daily wear, such as tiny scratches, greasy fingers and difficult stains, cannot be avoided though, and eventually it will be necessary to re-oil the worktop to strength its resistance to spills and scratches.

WOCA Worktop Oil is specially developed for treatment of kitchen worktops and other interior surfaces. With this oil you will achieve a beautiful wooden worktop with strong protection and very high resistance to spills and scratches. It nourishes and protects the wood as well as highlights the wood’s natural beauty. And that’s not all. WOCA Worktop Oil is manufactured in compliance with EU regulations and has therefore been approved completely safe for food contact after drying.

Follow this step-by-step video to learn how to sand and oil the worktop with WOCA Worktop Oil.

WOCA Wood Stain Remover is the solution when you want to get rid of spots on your wooden worktop. It effectively dissolves both superficial and more difficult spots caused by red wine as well as grease, coffee, blood, tea etc. It is perfect for use on unfinished, soaped, oiled and waxed interior surfaces.
Watch the video below and learn how to remove a red wine spot using WOCA Wood Stain Remover. The stain in the video has been left on a wooden surface, treated with oil, for one hour.