How to clean wooden garden furniture

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If you want to ensure your garden furniture a much longer life, ongoing cleaning and thorough wood treatment will do the trick.

How do we ensure that our brand-new wooden garden furniture get the right maintenance from the very first day? How does last year’s furniture regain its beautiful appearance? And which practical means do we use to do the best work possible?

There are plenty of questions, but one thing is certain: if you keep your wooden garden furniture in good condition, it will without doubt last longer. A vital thing to bear in mind is that wooden garden furniture in temperate climates are prone to moist and mildew, if proper care is not taken to prevent this growth. Proper wood treatment is therefore essential, if you want to enjoy your furniture for a long time – whether it is new garden furniture or old ones to be renewed.

How to clean your wooden garden furniture simply depends on the level of dirt and moist on the wood surface. The same goes with the intensity of the wood cleaning product. It is recommendable to do the cleaning on grass, as the cleaning may cause stains and discolouration on wood or garden tiles.

Ensure your garden furniture a much longer life, by cleaning and thorough wood treatment.
  • Cleaning of new garden furniture
    • New wooden garden furniture will benefit highly from a cleaning before use or before treatment with wood oil or wood paint, as the cleaning will remove invisible fungi from the wood surface. As wooden garden furniture is often wrapped in plastic and cardboard during transportation/delivery, fungi often occurs due to extremes in temperature and moisture. Therefore, a cleaning is highly recommended before use. Brand-new wooden garden furniture must be cleaned the same way as dirty garden furniture, see below.
  • Cleaning of dirty garden furniture
    • Algae growth thrive in moist and warm environments. Therefore, cleaning of dirty wooden garden furniture is vital, as dirty furniture holds a lot more moisture than clean ones. Therefore, cleaning on a regular basis is recommended to get rid of dirt as well as prevent algae growth from developing and spreading on the wooden furniture. If your wooden garden furniture has started to look a bit dirty, it can be cleaned with WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner – a water based wood cleaning product that effectively removes dirt and grease. You can use Exterior Wood Cleaner before basic treatment with oil or paint or for the ongoing cleaning of oiled furniture during the season, as this outdoor wood cleaner does not remove the protecting oil in the wood. Water-based and VOC-free Non harmful to vegetation Remove all loose foliage, branches, etc. and then soak the wood with water. Use a garden hose if possible. Mix Exterior Wood Cleaner with water in a ratio of 1:2 - 1:10, depending on how dirty the wood is. Apply the cleaner in an even coat, using a brush or spray nozzle. Leave the cleaner to work for five minutes. Scrub in the longitudinal direction of the wood grain using a stiff-bristled brush, until the surface is clean. We recommend WOCA’s silicon brush or terrace brush for the best results. Rinse the surface with plenty of water and leave the wood to dry for 24-48 hours. The wood must be completely dry before after treatment with oil, paint or impregnation. If a completely smooth surface is desired, any uneven wood fibres can be removed with sandpaper grit 180-240 before oiling.
  • Cleaning of weather-beaten garden furniture
    • Wooden garden furniture that has been neglected with cleaning and wood treatment in general will gradually get a grey, weathered surface caused by fungi and mildew. This kind of growth emerges because of changing weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. It is very important to remove it from the furniture before it weakens the wood or spreads elsewhere. All it requires is a bit of effort and you can save yourself from having to buy some new garden furniture. More specifically, WOCA Exterior Deep Cleaner can help revive the grey, weather-beaten furniture. The practical spray and the thick fluid makes this outdoor wood cleaner very easy to apply and work with, while effectively dissolving and removing heavy dirt and weather-beaten oil residues. Water-based and VOC-free Clean the wood to remove leaves and algae. Soak the wood, using plenty of water. Use a garden hose if possible. Using a brush, roller or spray gun, apply Exterior Deep Cleaner as a smooth, uniform layer and allow the cleaner to work. After approximately 20 minutes, scrub the wood using a stiff-bristled brush. We recommend that you use WOCA silicon brush for the best results. Rinse off the Exterior Deep Cleaner with plenty of water and leave the wood to dry for at least 48 hours, before application of WOCA Exterior Wood Oil. The wood must be completely dry. If a completely smooth surface is desired, de-nip the wood with a grain 180-240 sanding pad before oiling.
Finish the garden furniture with oil
  • Garden furniture oil
    • Finishing the furniture with a proper garden furniture oil will protect the wood effectively against dirt. This is because the oil penetrates deeply into the wood and strengths and protects it from the inside, without concealing the grain. As wood is a living material like no other, a proper garden furniture oil will keep the wood strong, healthy and elastic, and prevent it from drying out. It will also preserve and enhance the beautiful colour, shade and natural wood grain of the wood, if applied occasionally. WOCA Exterior Wood Oil is a perfect choice for your wooden garden furniture. The oil creates a hardwearing and water-resistant surface, which minimizes the absorption of water. The oil also contains a strong UV-filter, which minimizes the bleaching of the wood caused by the damaging UV-rays of the sun. Exterior Wood Oil is available in a variety of colour variants, e.g. teak, black, walnut and larch. These colours are used primarily on light wood species in order to achieve the best effect. Water based Coverage: 8-12 m2/litre For all wood species Available in various colours Tip: If you simply want to enhance the natural colour and beauty of the wood (light or dark), you should choose the colour ‘Natural’, which is a transparent oil without coloured pigments.
  • Refreshing of oiled garden furniture
    • If your furniture has lost a bit of its golden shade and protection, WOCA Exterior Wash-in Oil can be used to refresh the surface. This mild outdoor wood soap cleans, oils and maintains the wood surface ine one single work flow, providing additional protection for up to 6 weeks. This means that you can forget about re-oiling the garden furniture for a while. 3 in 1 soap Postpones re-oiling