How to clean, oil and maintain a wooden deck

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Maintaining a wooden deck is not as complicated, as many assume. It only requires the work to be done right from the start. In that way, the durability of the wood is considerably prolonged and no do-overs are required.

Remember to use Wood Cleaner when your wooden floors, furniture or interiors need treating with soap, oil or stain.
  • Extend the life of your wooden deck with proper wood treatment and maintenance
    • The surface of wooden decking gets weather beaten over time. The surface turns grey and cracks, and eventually, it becomes slippery and unprotected from dirt and green growth. Especially green growth can hold moisture, which is damaging to the wood in the long run as the risk of fungus and decay increases. Therefore, proper wood treatment and maintenance is required in order to keep the wooden deck beautiful and long lasting. However, maintaining a wooden deck is not just a matter of applying some wood oil to the surface. That would be equivalent to building a house directly on the lawn. The key to a beautiful and durable result is to clean the wooden deck thoroughly before applying any kind of wood oil. If a wood cleaning is not done, the oil will not be able to penetrate deeply into the wood, but instead create a new layer of oil on top of the dirt and former hardened oil. This will cause the newly applied oil to peel off, it is almost inevitable and the wooden deck will need to be surface-treated once again.
  • Clean your wooden deck thoroughly and avoid do-overs
    • Never use high-pressure cleaners, chlorine, algae remover etc. for the actual cleaning of the wooden deck. These methods can cause more damage than good. We recommend using WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner instead, as this product is specially developed to remove dirt without damaging the oil applied to the wood. Also keep in mind that the wood must be completely dry after the cleaning, before applying any wood oil, as a moist surface will prevent the oil from penetrating into the wood.
  • Your wooden deck will benefit from a high-quality wood oil
    • As soon as the wooden deck is clean and completely dry, the WOCA Exterior Wood Oil can be applied. Make the application in dry weather only (at temperatures between 15-25°C) and avoid direct sunlight. Exterior Wood Oil, which is recommended for the actual oiling, is a wood oil with two unique properties: it contains a UV-filter to protect against bleaching and discoloration from the sun, and the special consistency makes it very easy to work with. Besides this, Exterior Wood Oil provides the wooden deck with a very hard-wearing and water-repellent surface. When the work is done right from the start, and the right products have been used, you will be able to enjoy a wooden deck with: A well-protected, hard-wearing and water-repellent surface A beautiful and natural look A superior durability An easy cleaning and maintenance
  • How to easily clean your deck with high-quality soap
    • Using the right soap for deck cleaning can help postpone a re-oiling of the surface. The product is called WOCA Exterior Wash-in Oil which is a mild oil soap that cleans, oils and maintains the surface all at once. It adds a bit of extra oil to the wood while cleaning and provides additional protection for up to 6 weeks.