Floor lacquer on top of floor oil

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With the specially developed WOCA products, there are endless opportunities for exciting looks and colours when it comes to wood flooring. One of the exciting options is an ‘oil + floor lacquer’ solution that combines the advantages of both wood floor finishes. The outcome is a well-protected wood floor with beautiful, visible wood structure combined with an easy cleaning and maintenance procedure.

Apply two different wood floor finishes to your wood floor and enjoy the advantages of both floor oil and floor lacquer.
  • Step 1: Sanding and wood cleaning
    • The floor should be freshly sanded with grit 100-120. Clean with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner. The surface must be completely clean, dry, and free from grease before the application of wood floor oil and floor lacquer.
  • Step 2: Basic treatment with wood floor oil
    • The floor must be oiled with WOCA Master Colour Oil, which works perfectly with a WOCA 2K lacquer. See work instructions for applying the oil here. Once the oil is applied, the surface must dry for at least 24 hours (until the oil is dry) after which the surface must be carefully polished with a green pad. Please note that the Master Colour Oil must be without Cobalt (batch number younger than January 2017).
  • Step 3: Top coat with wood floor lacquer
    • When the surface is completely dry after the oil treatment, the first coat of a WOCA 2K Lacquer mixed with hardener can be applied. After at least 4 hours of drying time, the second coat of lacquer can be applied. Please see the work description for the specific lacquer: WOCA Master TS-2K Lacquer, WOCA Master XP-2K Lacquer or WOCA Master RD-2K Lacquer. The finished floor can be carefully walked on after approx. 5-6 hours after applying the floor lacquer and light objects can be put back in the room after 24 hours. The freshly sealed floor will be ready for full use after approx. 5 days (laying rugs etc.).