Master RD-2K Lacquer

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  • Extreme strength and resistance
  • Meets the highest standards for slip resistance
  • Light Nordic look
  • Longer potlife due to Master Pure 2K Hardener
  • Fire classification according to DIN EN 13501: Bfl-s1

Colors: Gl.10, Gl.20
Sizes: 5L

Master RD-2K Lacquer is a two-component, fast-drying floor lacquer that works with an isocyanate-free cross-linking hardener. It is intended for public areas with intense heavy traffic, such as canteens and stairs, due to its exceptionally strong protection, high slip resistance and extreme resistance to black heel marks, scratches and stains. The lacquer is completely clear and beautifully preserves the light look of the wood. This indoor climate labelled lacquer is applied in a convenient and safe way, and ensures a comfortable indoor climate afterwards.

It is important that both wood and lacquer have a temperature of min. 15