• COLOR : Brown, Dark, Grey, Bright, Black, Transparent, White
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Velvet – an oak plank with a naturally dried surface. The product is constructed on a waterproof glued birch plywood (multiplex) baseboard plank with a 5-6 mm thick solid top layer of sawn oak. The natural surface is preserved, including a 3-D effect on the knots. Each plank is carefully repaired, sanded and brushed by hand.

The planks are equipped with tongue & groove all around and beveled on the long side (broken edge).

The colouring is based on stains, often also so-called reactive stains, which offer a particularly natural appearance.

All products in the Velvet collection are treated with particularly high-quality oils and varnishes and are therefore practically maintenance-free when used in private areas.


180 to 300 mm wide, supplied in falling widths (only one width on request), 15 mm thick, with a 4 mm thick sawn oak overlay (no thin-cut veneer). Falling lengths from 1800 - 2500 mm, max. 20 % starter lengths. The installation height must be 16 mm.


Vivid, that means lively, with accentuated knots that remain partly sublime, three-dimensional and natural. On request (and according to availability) also Noblesse with small, healthy branches in small number.


6 mm sawn oak top layer + 10 mm dimensionally stable, waterproof glued birch plywood baseboad plank, tongue and groove, beveled on 2 sides.


Professionally made surface, traditionally air dried, without the serious disadvantages of UV drying, in traditional handicraft to give pleasure for a long time. On request with hand-aged edges. Can even be used in private bathrooms, remove surface water within 15 minutes.

We recommend glue-down installation to be done by professional fitters.